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TT Midi Switch

The aim while developing the TT MIDI module was to create a universal and flexible platform, which can be used for most switching tasks in guitar/bass amplifiers and can be comfortably implemented. Controlling should be possible with conventional switches or panel-mount switches, as well as via MIDI.

In order to meet these requirements while minimizing the hardware parts count, the TT MIDI module has been realized with an AVR ATMEGA16 microcontroller, which provides both control software and memory for the MIDI programs.

Update Mai 2019

With the May 2019 update, the following modifications were made to the module:

  • The large relay board has been omitted and is no longer part of the kit, since in the meantime a variety of different relays and matching pcbs are available, which allow a much more flexible application.
  • The documentation has been summarized and is available as a PDF download directly on the kit's product page.
  • The microcontroller with the firmware is no longer part of the kit, but must be ordered separately in the desired version.

With these changes, we are able to offer the kit even more universal, flexible and also cheaper.

Kit in the TT-Shop



The program MIDI-Send is a small tool for Windows which can send both Program Changes and Controller Changes in a simple way. Also, raw data can be sent directly, as long as you know how the bytes are build. The program is available for free, use at your own risk.

Midisend Program

The use of the program requires no installation. Simply download the archive, unzip and run the EXE file. A MIDI interface must also be installed on the PC, of course, and it must be selected in the program.

Download: Midi-Send V1 (ca. 4 MB)