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Hints & FAQ – LaserShop

Placing more than one panel onto the working area

It is possible to place more objects on a working area. Care has to be taken that the minimum distance between objects should not be less than 2 mm.

Example Front

Minimum distance

Using Images

In general, images can also be engraved on the panel. The color information is converted into a black and white raster, as is known from newspaper/offset printing or black and white laser printing. However, the quality and contrast of the image strongly affect the result. Simple black and white logos that are available as bitmaps can often be placed and produced on the front panel without any problems.

It is generally recommended to avoid using images and bitmaps and to convert them into vector graphics to have better control over the result.

Avoid Fine Fonts and Lines

Fonts with fine structures or very thin lines should be avoided as they may not be fully reproduced. In addition, fonts that are too fine or too small are often difficult to read. To obtain a legible front panel, use large and clear fonts such as Arial, as well as high-contrast material, with black and white material having the highest contrast.

Full-Panel Engraving

If a full-panel engraving is to be carried out up to the edge of the panel, such as with Blackface panels, the engraving should be carried out minimally beyond the cutting line to ensure that no colored layer is visible.