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Acryl Cutting

Acryl Beispiel

Acrylic glass, or PLEXIGLASS®, is a material which is available in many forms and is easily worked with a laser.
So, for example, we can use it to make transparent enclosures or logos, or even turret boards quickly, cleanly, and in a wide variety of colors and forms.

The product in the TT-Shop

The requirements for the cutting data are the same for panels, with the exception that we cannot engrave Acrylic. As such, any line thicker than 0.15 mm, text, and graphics in the data will be ignored. If text is to be cut, then it must be converted to a form with a line smaller than 0.15 mm; for example, for logos.

At the moment, we offer only a small selection of 3 mm thick type GS Acrylic, which is most commonly used for the sorts of applications likely to be requested. If a different thickness or color is required, please contact us.