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Standard Faceplates


We manufacture our standard panels from two-layer plastic sheets, which are available in many different color combinations and material thicknesses. We typically use material thicknesses of 1.5 mm for faceplates and 3 mm for logos. The material consists of a thin colored top layer and a solid colored base material and is engraved from the top, i.e., the thin top layer is burnt away during engraving, exposing the base material. Depending on the color of the top layer and the base material, the resulting panel color combination varies.

This material is excellent for front panels and is usually ordered in the color combination of black and white, i.e., black panel with white engraving, or gold-black, with a slightly brushed surface that gives a metallic appearance.

The 3.2 mm material thickness is typically used for the production of logos as the thickness creates a certain 3D effect.

Whether it is front panels or logos, the requirements for data and production are identical in both cases. The customer receives a finished product that does not require any further post-processing, such as the color filling of the engraving.

Here's how it works

1. Choose the desired size, material, and color combination.

Tip! Multiple objects can be placed on a workspace, enabling efficient material utilization and order processing. For example, on a workspace with dimensions of 150 x 600, two panels with dimensions of 55 x 490 mm (front and back) can be placed and ordered. These arrangements and optimizations must be included in the provided data.

2. Prepare the data according to the specifications and complete the checklist.

3. Submit the order through the Online-Shop. and upload the prepared data directly with the respective product.

4. Wait for delivery.